The Best Community Colleges in New York – SUNY and CUNY

A lot of prospective students just cannot afford the exorbitant tuition that is associated with private universities, even with the financial aid that is available. If you are not in such a great position financially, are still unsure about exactly what career path to pursue, or just want to fortify your GPA before applying to that selective “dream school”, then community college could be the right choice for you. To get an idea of what we’re talking about here, check out this SUNY Jefferson video:

However, if you’re looking to attend in New York state – home to countless numbers of public and private colleges and universities – extensive research becomes a necessity. However, native New Yorkers will probably assure you that when it comes to community colleges, no institution can compare with CUNY or SUNY.

Best Community Colleges in New York – SUNY Colleges – New York is a huge state so it should come as no surprise that there a lot of schools that make up the SUNY – or the State University of New York – system. Of those colleges, thirty are designated as two-year community colleges and these campuses are dotted all over the state, serving the residents of every New York county.

All of these community colleges offer a huge range of programs, although some schools are very specialist in nature. For example FIT- the Fashion Institute of Technology – is known the country over for the high quality of its fashion education and for the sheer number of successful fashion designers it has produced.

SUNY Jefferson is famous for its Nursing AAS Program and students who want to get admitted to the school’s academic program may do so even if they didn’t graduate from high school or don’t hold a GED. It will take some effort but a fine academic education is open to practically every committed student! For more information about Jefferson Nursing Programs, click here.

So that it is actually a community college tends to surprise some people. Notable FIT grads include Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, and Nanette Lepore. A number of the contestants on Bravo’s popular “Project Runway” contest have also come from FIT including season two winner Chloe Dao.

It cannot be underestimated how important top-notch college educations are for the future of our country. The global “Brain Race” initiative is just one example of the importance of attaining a college degree. If America doesn’t want to lose its world dominance, also when it comes to respecting freedom and justice for all, academic achievement is key!

One of the great advantages of attending any one of these community colleges in New York is how easily credits from a two-year degree can be carried over to one of the many excellent four year schools within the CUNY and SUNY systems should a student want to continue their education to the next level. Read also about Jefferson’s Business Administration programs.

Best Community Colleges in New York – CUNY Colleges – CUNY stands for the City University of New York and as the name suggests all of the community colleges in the CUNY system are located within the boundaries of the Big Apple itself. Of the 23 colleges that make up the CUNY system as a whole six of them are designated as two-year community colleges. Before deciding on a specific college, please pay a visit to the campus(es) of your choice to get a better idea.

The oldest of these colleges is Bronx Community College which opened its doors in 1957. Ever since then the college, which is located in the University Heights section of the Bronx has been known as one of the best community colleges in New York. To learn more about how college works, click on the link.

These days the roster of community colleges in the CUNY system also includes Queensborough College, located in Bayside, Queens, Borough of Manhattan College, Kingsborough Community College as well as LaGuardia and Hostas community colleges. All six of the colleges offer a rounded set of academic courses that help them all keep their place on the list of the best community colleges in New York.