Looking for a Nursing School in New York?

There are literally hundreds of schools, colleges, and universities in New York that offer nursing degree programs to those who wish to pursue such a career. One of the best-respected schools in New York State is SUNY Jefferson (formerly Jefferson Community College). Check out this Jefferson State video about the school’s Nursing Program New Student Orientation:

But, of course, there are so many top-notch Nursing Schools in New York State. As prospective students of these nursing schools in New York begin making plans for which school or college to actually attend in order to become a nurse it is of the utmost importance that they carefully sort through all available options to find the nursing school in New York that works best on a personal level and to meet personal goals.

This is true in fact of not just nursing schools in New York but those all over the country. So what should you be looking for in nursing schools in New York?


Not all nursing schools in New York are accredited schools. It is still more than possible to receive high quality and perfectly adequate education in nursing (and qualify for licensing examinations) from a school that has not been accredited but a degree from an accredited nursing school in New York State will carry more clout when it comes time to find a job after graduation. In general, holding a high school diploma is required but there are also options to, for example, get into SUNY Jefferson without a high school diploma or GED!

Types of Nursing Qualifications

Another thing worth considering is which nursing schools in New York offer the type of nursing degree you are looking for. There are a number of common programs these days that students look for including LPN (licensed practical nurse), ASN, an associate’s degree that leads to the RN  designation, and the more advanced bachelors and masters degree programs that lead to higher paying designations like a nurse practitioner.

The Costs of Obtaining a Nursing Degree

One thing that may vary considerably at the different nursing schools in New York is the actual cost associated with obtaining the desired nursing degree. Apart from the actual tuition costs themselves – which may be fairly similar – it is important that when comparing nursing schools in New York that you take all of the incidental expenses into account as well. These will include lab fees, books, supplies, scrubs and of course housing expenses.

Percentage of Nursing School Graduates Passing the NCLEX

It really does not matter how inexpensive a nursing school in New York is, or how many nursing programs it offers if a good percentage of its graduates are not passing the NCLEX. The NCLEX is the National Council Licensure Examination and it is passing that, not getting a nursing degree, that enables an individual to actually qualify and work as a nurse. When you are making inquiries at the various nursing schools in New York you are considering that is certainly a very important question to ask.

Hands-On and Clinical Experience

All the classroom instruction in the world won’t hold a candle to the value of actual hands-on experience in the nursing field and it is essential that students find out exactly what kind of hands-on education they will be receiving as a part of their education at any nursing school in New York before they enroll. For more information about SUNY Jefferson’s Nursing programs, click here.

Where Do I Find Out About Nursing Schools in New York?

There are a number of good places online to begin your search for nursing schools in New York City or New York State that might suit you. One great place to start? Google it! Google Local lists a great many of the nursing schools in New York and provides all of the relevant contact information. Simply plug in the keywords and off you go!