How to get into Jefferson Community College without a GED

Jefferson Community College is part of the SUNY (State University of New York) system. The school is officially designated as a full-opportunity academic institution where, and that goes without saying, the admissions process is not influenced by race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability of an applicant. Applicants are expected to hold a high school or equivalent diploma but there are also options for students without a GED diploma!

According to the BestGEDclasses, the website that offers free GED resources and tips, are many students interested in getting into college without a high school or GED diploma. So let’s take a look at how to get into Jefferson Community College without a GED.

Who Qualifies?

As the school states: “admission is available to individuals personal and potential qualifications or academic records are indicating that they could pursue in a successful way one of the school’s academic programs.” SUNY Jefferson Community College is a Jefferson County-sponsored institution so residents of Jefferson County are offered a preference for the school’s admissions process, though the school also accepts applications from students from other New York counties and other states.

Students Without a High School or GED Diploma

Applicants wishing to enroll in Jefferson Community College’s academic programs but did not complete their high school education, and don’t also have a high school equivalency TASC (formerly GED) credential, or went to a high school that’s not recognized by the state’s Education Department, may also complete a free JCC application form and submit this to the school’s Admissions Office. These applicants are required to demonstrate that they are meeting the CPT (College Placement Test) academic standards.

Applicants who have submitted this application form will be contacted by the school and asked to schedule for the College Placement Test and a subsequent admissions interview. So even if you don’t hold a GED diploma, you may qualify to sign up for Jefferson Community College’s academic programs! The school has an excellent reputation in Nursing and the other programs are top-quality as well and are ranked among the best in New York State.

Admission Requirements

Admission to Jefferson Community College’s study programs is to be determined by an applicant’s academic preparation. So all applicants are required to have graduated from a state-recognized high school, hold a TASC or GED high school equivalency credential, or have passed the College Placement Test. IEP (Individual Education Program) diplomas do not count for JCC’s admissions criteria unless the college is certifying that the applicant meets all admissions requirements such as completing New York State’s Regents Tests successfully, such to be determined by the school.

High School Students

Students who are currently enrolled in high school may complete Jefferson Community College’s free application form and request their high school transcripts to be sent to SUNY Jefferson Community College.

If you already graduated high school earlier, you can also submit the school’s free application form, contact your high school, and request they send your official transcript to Jefferson. GED General Education Development) diploma holders (or nowadays TASC test takers), should submit a copy of their GED score transcript by mail or in person attached to their admissions application. You can find SUNY Jefferson’s application form at

Transfer Students

Students who attended a different school and want to transfer their credits to Jefferson are required to follow the identical application procedure as first-time post-secondary new students. They (or their former schools) must submit their official high school and college transcripts directly to JCC’s Admissions Office. Transfer credit is not granted unless the official transcripts are provided.


Students who followed SUNY Jefferson’s academic programs earlier and who are also in good standing may re-enroll but in case they haven’t attended school for six years or more, they are required to reapply. If that’s not the case, they can contact the school’s Enrollment Services for a registration appointment.

Readmission after Dismissal

A student who was academically dismissed and has not attended another school over the past six months can ask to be readmitted. He or she is required, though, to come up with a full success plan (to be set up in cooperation with one of the school’s study advisors) before they can register for classes.

Admission for a Second Associate Degree

If a Jefferson Community College graduate wants to earn a second degree from Jefferson, he or show needs to submit a new application to be admitted to the other degree program. Please note that financial aid could be affected by the study students have already completed previously.

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