How to get into Jefferson Community College without a GED

Jefferson Community College is part of the SUNY (State University of New York) system. The school is officially designated as a full-opportunity academic institution where, and that goes without saying, the admissions process is not influenced by race, sex, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability of an applicant. Applicants are expected to hold a high school or equivalent diploma but there are also options for students without a GED diploma!

According to the BestGEDclasses, the website that offers free GED resources and tips, are many students interested in getting into college without a high school or GED diploma. So let’s take a look at how to get into Jefferson Community College without a GED.

Who Qualifies?

As the school states: “admission is available to individuals personal and potential qualifications or academic records are indicating that they could pursue in a successful way one of the school’s academic programs.” SUNY Jefferson Community College is a Jefferson County-sponsored institution so residents of Jefferson County are offered a preference for the school’s admissions process, though the school also accepts applications from students from other New York counties and other states.

Online Certified Medical Assistant Education

In recent years the medical assisting profession has become one of the fastest growing careers in the health care field. Maybe a career as a Certified Medical Assistant is right for you. Starting your career as a medical assistant is a great way to get involved in the thriving and dynamic health care field.

All it takes is a certificate, which can be completed in less than a year. Then, you can always take a few classes online, or in your community — and you on well on your way towards a very rewarding and promising career.

A Great Change of Pace

If you’re stuck in the 9-to-5 rut and are in need of a change, starting a career as a medical assistant may be just the thing you need. As a medical assistant, you will meet new people every day — and you will be making a very real difference in people’s lives.

SUNY Jefferson Nursing Programs

Jefferson Community College is a member of SUNY, the State University of New York System. The school is a 2-year college with some four thousand students that offers a wide variety of certificate and degree programs including two nursing programs, a full-time on-campus nursing program, and a part-time weekend nursing program.

Both nursing programs last two years and when they’ve graduated from these programs, students can transfer to a four-year SUNY program to earn their Bachelor’s Nursing Degree or to a different college if they want to earn higher degrees.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Nursing Program

SUNY Jefferson offers a 2-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) nursing program which is preparing students for the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse (RN). RNs work in healthcare settings like hospitals, clients’homes, elderly homes, schools, nursing homes, or other facilities.

Jefferson Community College Nursing AAS Program

SUNY Jefferson’s Nursing AAS (Associate Applied Science) program is a 2-year career-oriented program that is delivered both on-campus in a weekday full-time and a weekend part-time format.

Students whose interests lay in the fields of healthcare, science, and helping people and have skills for communication, patient care, and teamwork may find a great and rewarding career if they complete Jefferson’s AAS Nursing Program to become a Registered Nurse (RN) with a salary potential 0f around $68K.

Ready for nursing practice

When you attend Jefferson College and graduate from the school’s Nursing AAS program, you command the skills and have the experience to become an RN (registered nurse) who is totally ready to work in hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, or another health practice setting to care for pediatric or adult patients.

The Best Community Colleges in New York – SUNY and CUNY

A lot of prospective students just cannot afford the exorbitant tuition that is associated with private universities, even with the financial aid that is available. If you are not in such a great position financially, are still unsure about exactly what career path to pursue, or just want to fortify your GPA before applying to that selective “dream school”, then community college could be the right choice for you. To get an idea of what we’re talking about here, check out this SUNY Jefferson video:

However, if you’re looking to attend in New York state – home to countless numbers of public and private colleges and universities – extensive research becomes a necessity. However, native New Yorkers will probably assure you that when it comes to community colleges, no institution can compare with CUNY or SUNY.

Best Community Colleges in New York – SUNY Colleges – New York is a huge state so it should come as no surprise that there a lot of schools that make up the SUNY – or the State University of New York – system. Of those colleges, thirty are designated as two-year community colleges and these campuses are dotted all over the state, serving the residents of every New York county.

SUNY Jefferson Business Administration Programs

If you’re looking to earn a Business degree to get you directly into a challenging career, want to transfer later to a four-year Business program, or are looking to secure a quick one-year certificate to advance in your career or when your position calls for that, SUNY Jefferson offers more than  40 top-notch academic programs and courses that you can choose from. See also this video about Jefferson CC Adult Education Programs:

A Business Degree allows for a rewarding career

From a position with a large corporation to a job at an entrepreneurial and young start-up, an associate business degree comes great in any sort of industry. Your options are almost endless.

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can go for personal and/or financial success. Keep in mind, though, that starting your own new business call for a lot of hard work and endless commitment. That being said, being employed at an existing business gives you the chance to study on to specialize in another business field like financial management, customer service, general management, or marketing

How Does College Work?

If you’re starting off at college for the first time and you’re finally going to choose your classes, you’ll want to know that college classes are a bit different from high school classes — there are different types of college classes. What you do in each type and what you can expect from them will vary.

Students in Upstate New York and who want to pursue a fine career in Nursing, should check out SUNY Jefferson. This school is continually ranked among the best in the nation when it comes to basic Nursing education and training, and their Nursing AAS program delivers students who are sure to find the best of career options.

But now, first, let’s take a look at what a college education implies and in how far it differs from your time in high school. From my experience, there are four major types of college classes: lectures, seminars, discussions, and labs.

6 Great College Finders – College Search Websites

If you’re starting to choose a college, the best place to begin looking for information is always the Internet. Several websites have a quality “college finder” or “college search” to help give you some ideas of where to go to school based on your preferences.

Most of these will ask similar questions about what you’d like in a college, such as your major, ideal distance from home, the size of the campus, sports, and so forth. Check out also this video about 20 websites that (as the makers say) every student should know about:

A lot of these websites are also great for providing general statistics about colleges or universities, such as male/female ratio, tuition, average age, ethnicity distribution, and so forth.

Much like the Student Search Service, a lot of the college searches are only helpful if you don’t already have a school in mind. If you’ve already narrowed it down to a few, the searches won’t be too helpful to you. However, the information that these sites provide is useful no matter who you are.

So let’s take a closer look at these six College Search Websites:

Global ‘Brain Race’ Initiatives – Get Your Degree

A chorus of scientists, politicians, healthcare leaders and business frontrunners has long sounded this lament: The USA is about to be deposed as the world’s leader in science, healthcare, and technology. One of the best schools in the nation to receive a Nursing AAS degree is New York State’s SUNY Jefferson College in Watertown, NY

Recently, even President Trump joined the choir, calling for a $136 billion boost in science education and research over the next 10 years. “We cannot afford to be complacent. In a dynamic world economy, we are seeing new competitors, like China and India,” he said.

Such concerns are driving the biggest push to improve U.S. science competitiveness since 1957 when the Soviet Union started the space race with the launch of a basketball-size satellite called Sputnik.

While the 20th century had the arms race, the competition in this century will be a brains race, says science policy analyst Michael Lubell of the American Physical Society. “Today’s Sputnik? It’s a little bigger. It’s called China,” he says. “The projected growth in high-technology products from there is staggering.”

The Importance of Campus Visits

You wouldn’t rent a house or an apartment without seeing it first, would you? The same thing applies when you are choosing a college. No matter how much your parents are urging you to go to a particular university or however solid the reputation of a college that you have your eyes on is, you still shouldn’t make that final decision without paying the campus a visit first. So let’s go and take a Jefferson College Tour (original SUNY Jefferson video):

So when you want to apply for one of SUNY Jefferson Community College’s academic programs, get ready to visit the school’s campus in Watertown, Upstate New York. SUNY Jefferson provides you with the pathways and knowledge you will need if you want to advance to a great career and improve professional and private life. Jefferson Community College will support you in finding the right path!

Earning an Engineering Degree

Regardless of specialty, the engineering field provides individuals with job options at the associate, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. levels. Although degree choices do influence base pay rates, they do not limit individuals in their career choices.

Graduates from any level can choose a career in any number of the general or specialized areas of manufacturing engineering. SUNY Jefferson is advancing women in Engineering. To learn more, check out the following video’.

Basic Degree Categories of Study

The field of manufacturing engineering and the categories of study within this field are broken down into three basic categories. These categories include product innovation and management, manufacturing operations management, and manufacturing systems and operations research.

Choosing which path of study to complete determines the level of engineering that a student will later pursue in his or her graduate work. It also breaks down engineering class options into more focused, specified areas of study that branch off from the more generalized course selections.