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dubli network business reviewHaving a business plan, enough capital and the right business idea are ultimately the most important things when starting a business. So despite the belief that online businesses are the easiest to start, without the right idea, your business is as good as dead. To help you get started, here are the top 18 online business ideas that are guaranteed to make your business a success:

18. Building an e-Commerce Site

Based on the idea that lots of people are embracing online shopping, an e-commerce store would come in handy. Starting this kind of a store is very easy. For instance, you can buy a complete store design at a small fee and then, go ahead and buy a domain name and find a host. Then, if you market it well enough, you could start making a profitable income within the very first year. If you don’t want to start your on online store you can become an affiliate to ecommerce stores such as Dubli Network, that pay you for referring customers to their products.

17. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website or a blog, you can make money by becoming an affiliate marketer. All that one needs to do is market various affiliate stores on their sites and once the product on display is purchased, you earn a percentage of the total price. An example of affiliate stores is Amazon.

The key to creating a profitable affiliate program is to market your business and services properly. This can require an understanding of marketing. If you don’t know how to market online, you could check out the iPAS2 training programs that can help you learn how to better market online

16. Opening an eBay Store

Although selling on eBay isn't easy, if you have the right products, such as vintage and unbranded products, then you can rest assured that you could make it big. The key guide in selling on eBay is to find products that have minimal competition and whose profit margins are high.

15. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways through which you can make money. Basically, all that is needed is quality content and high traffic. Once you have these two, you can subscribe to AdSense, offer Premium services/content, act as an affiliate marketer or, sell ad space. If you have trouble finding targeted traffic for your business is a good idea to search for a traffic-training program like, high traffic academy that can show you how to get quality visitors to your sites.

14. Drop Shipper

Drop shipping is in some ways similar to affiliate marketing, but, what differentiates them is the fact that the former only requires that one act as a mediator, without coming into contact with the product. As the middle-person, one needs to ensure that the item in question is seamlessly shipped from the manufacturer to the buyer.

13. Mentoring and/or Teaching:

In case you have an exceptional skill, such as in foreign languages, writing or marketing, you can start offering these services via the Internet. To help attract more people, you can start by offering the service for free and then, ask people to upgrade if they want to learn more.

12. Virtual Assistant:

If you can make a good assistant and are looking for a flexible job, then, being a virtual assistant could be the best business venture for you. The job is quite easy, allows you to work at your time and pace and, it pays quite well.

11. Becoming a Paid Blogger:

The need for quality content is highly in demand all over the internet. Thus, if you are a good writer, you can start writing and getting paid online, without necessarily owning a website. Examples of sites to use include Elance and People per Hour.

10. Become a Domain Dealer:

Dealing with domains is no different than the real estate. When buying them it's best to see them as a form of investment. The more risk taken, the higher the chances of you making a fortune out of them. For instance, the domain '' was sold for $9.5 million.

9. Web Design Services:

With thousands of companies and individuals looking for new websites, someone with coding and web design skills can really make it big in the business. More importantly is that you'll get to work at your time and, the pay is quite good.

8. Trading Currencies:

Since currencies keep on fluctuating, you can use this to your advantage by becoming an online based currency trader. However, to avoid making huge losses, you need to be equipped with enough money as well as analytical skills.

7. Outsourcing:

With so many companies opting for temporary help rather than fulltime employments, starting an outsourcing website can enable such companies get exactly what they need, but at a fee. And instead of doing all the job, you can outsource as well so that your work will be to link the two parties up and, get paid for doing it. This will be the next evolution in the Rise of the Entrepreneur.

6. Offering Telemarketing Services:

Since most companies are opting to outsource for telemarketers, starting an online business that deals in this could lead to a very successful business. Due to high demand in telemarketing, you could look for several telemarketers and then, link them up with these companies hence, enabling you to make lots of profits without having to do all the hardwork.

5. Building Apps:

If you are good with codes, you can start building Apps. If the Apps are good, then, they are guaranteed to sell out. To make this happen, you'd have to understand the people who the Apps are being designed for, find ways to market them and, come up with the right price.

4. Social Media Management:

Businesses as well as high profile individuals are always looking for people to manage their social media accounts. If social media is your forte, you can work for a number of businesses, or individuals, and get paid really well for doing it.

3. Creating Videos:

Nowadays, videos are the ultimate marketing cum advertizing solutions. Anyone who is good with cameras and is highly creative, and capable of creating videos that can go viral, can certainly build a very successful online business.

2. Translation Services:

For someone who speaks and/or understands more than one language, their services are in demand over the internet. This is because thousands of companies are looking for people to translate for them speech and papers especially when negotiating and closing deals.

1. Creating Valuable Resources:

Just like YouTube which offers educational and funny videos, or Facebook that offers relevant and up to date information, you too can create a website that offers valuable resources to the public. For instance, you can start by teaching people how to become successful, how to make money online or ganar dinero por internet.