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tai lopez productsTai Lopez is an entrepreneur and business investor who has recently shot to fame with his “67 Step” program for getting anything people want out of their life. In the last two years, this finance and motivation guru has inspired thousands of people and guided them towards attaining health, wealth, and prosperity. Tai considers himself to be life’s best student and keeps over 5000 books in his personal library, which has helped him to become the self-made millionaire that he is today.

By applying the knowledge gained from his books, Tai Lopez transformed himself into a business tycoon who now has neighbors from Hollywood like Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz. Now, Tai is an investor, a motivation speaker, and is actively involved in helping people chase their dreams.

The Most Important Steps In The 67 Steps Program

Combining his own wisdom along with the likes of Gandhi, Bill Gates, and few other inspirational names, he decided to release this all-in-one program. While all the steps are necessary for this program, these four are perhaps the most influential:

• Be Adaptable: Based on the evolution theory, this step talks about survival of the fittest. It talks about how a person who is more adaptable has better chances to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

• Prioritize: Tai urges people to clear their mind and focus on the tasks that are actually important. He says that multi-tasking is a myth, and it only leads to disappointments. Focusing on one thing should be our goal, and we must pursue it relentlessly.

• Be Worth a Damn: To get what you want in life, you must do what’s necessary- this is the main motto behind this step. As most people carry a feeling of entitlement throughout their lives, this step aims to teach the audience the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

• Be a “Social Chameleon”: Tai Lopez asks people to modify their style of communication, based on whom they’re talking to as it helps understand the true nature of different people.

Why Did Tai Lopez Develop The Program?

The author says that the idea of creating 67 steps came after he decided to share the wisdom he gained with people who needed it. As many studies have shown that new habits can be formed in 66 days, Lopez added his personal touch to the idea and added one number to his training program name to make it 67. This program is supposed to help you become the best version of yourself by taking control of your thoughts and actions.

It is not for those who only seek to gain financial stability, but also for people who gain more confidence, be happier, and be a better human being than they were before.

The Good Life Is A Path Not A Destination

Remember that life is an endless pursuit. There will not be a time when you can say “That’s it! I’ve got what I want” because our desires are infinite, and they should be. But where do you wish to see yourself in your old age? What legacy are you going to leave behind? How many people will talk about you after you’ve departed? If these questions arouse your curiosity, then let tai lopez teach you the real meaning of living life with this 67 Step program.


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